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Die cutting is a process used for cutting, drawing, extruding, folding, stamping, engraving, and separating pieces of sheet using press punches with tools previously designed and manufactured for each particular product.


We have a punching area with a team of experienced, specialized personnel. Using this process we manufacture a wide variety of products including eyelets, hooks, eyelets for canvas, staples, and plates, etcetera, providing services to the electrical, shipping, automotive, hardware, textile, leather, and footwear industries.

In the die-cutting process, our width capacities run from 15 to 175 mm., with thickness options ranging from 0.22 to 1.5 mm. Our machinery includes presses from 10 to 75 t, and offers speed ranges from 60 to 400 strokes / min; the most common raw materials used in this process are steel and brass.

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