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Wire bending

This process consists of shaping wire by applying forces that change its contour; the options we offer include folding, perforating, stamping, beveling, and stretching, among many other techniques, so as to achieve the client’s desired presentation. In addition, this process can be followed by secondary operations such as cutting, punching, bending, sealing, and coining.

Wire bending

This method is used to manufacture any form of rings, half rings, links, etc., according to customer requirements; it usually begins with the wire in the form of a coil, which is subsequently given the required shape through the use of multifunction stamping machines —whether simultaneously or successively— in multiple directions. In Indux we can manufacture pieces with previously defined shapes, using wire diameters with a range of between 1.5 to 6.5 mm., and with a maximum perimeter of 200 mm. The parts can be welded at their ends so as to provide better resistance, and are available in either steel or brass.

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