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Blind Rivets

These products are produced under the strictest quality standards to ensure 100% operation and easy application; in addition, they have a high resistance to cutting, tension, and vibration, characteristics that make them superior to other types of fasteners, such as lag screws and other screws.

This clamping article is composed of two parts: core and nail, and provides the advantage of the latter being capable of assembling two (or more) components by way of the manipulation / deformation of one of its ends, which is performed with a riveting tool. For further information, please consult our machine catalog.

Standard rivets

We supply blind rivets in different materials, such as (oxidizable and stainless) steel, as well as aluminum. We also offer wide-head, and large wide-head rivets, plus dome-head and embedded flat-head rivets.

In standard blind rivets, the aluminum core can be either in the natural color, or painted in any tone you require, with anodized finishes in gold, duralox, black, and champagne, etc. In addition, the nail can be zinc plated, tropicalized, and phosphated, amongst other options.

Stamping nail rivets

These rivets are used in applications that require a hermetic seal, that is, to be leak proof for air and/or water. They are used in car bodies, shelves, racks, windows, and refrigerating boxes, as well as in automotive parts, etcetera.

Multi-grip pop rivets

These products are designed to secure different thicknesses of materials with a wide range of grip. They do not require exact perforations because their radial expansion seals the bore to which it is applied, thus covering any discrepancies in the fit. They are used in garage doors, racing car bodies, and all kinds of metal structures and/or appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, etc.).

Structural rivets

Indux introduces a new fastening system to the marketplace, designed to meet the requirements of blind retention, as well as requirements regarding resistance in terms of cut-tension, multiple grip, and the effective retention of the bolt.

Also known as I-GRIP, these products ensure a firm and well-finished application, plus resistance to weathering, vibrations, and the filtration of liquids and gases.


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