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Drive pin rivets

Also known as blind rivets, this product is used for fixing and have a core (rivet body) and a bolt, which, when inserted, allows the fixing of the rivet, as it aids in the expansion of the grooved core stem and serves to join two, or more, parts of an assembly. The head types on offer are: universal, Brazier, countersunk (anti-vandalism) TPP, flat, embedded, Liner, and special heads with a chamfered stem. 

They are produced in aluminium and can be painted in the color of your preference, or anodized. They are used in trailer boxes, bodywork, tubular frames, road signs, and surfaces with blind holes, etc. Here are some of their advantages:

  • Their application requires no special tools as they are installed with a normal hammer.
  • They have an anti-vandalism design, since it is not obvious how they are extracted/uninstalled, they cannot be taken out easily, as happens with screws.
  • The assembly is airtight and flawless.
  • They can be used in blind holes.
  • They are resistant to vibration.
  • Its grip range runs from between 0.125 and 0.375” in diameter.

For further information, please consult our catalog or, if you prefer, contact one of our sales representatives.  



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