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Special rivets

Indux, Mexico’s leading company in the production of rivets has offered top-quality manufacturing to industry since 1956. We operate advanced-technology equipment to satisfy the needs of the automotive market, the industrial sector, and the transport and commercial markets, amongst others. All our products come with certification that guarantees their quality.

Our company provides a wide variety of safe and precise forged parts, including rivets and assemblies, in different materials, sizes, and finishes. Our product range is comprised of a diverse array of different types of rivets: tubular, semi-tubular, solid, bifurcated, semi-tubular with collar, stepped, for use in cutlery or other specialized uses, along with threaded and grooved varieties. We also provide several kinds of rivet heads: half drop, flat, embedded, or specialized.

All items are manufactured according to the design needs and specifications of each customer, and can be painted or engraved to your preference. With this in mind, our manufacturing range is particularly extensive in relation to a standard offering of products. In addition, we supply machines and tools for their proper application, which are backed up by an expert group of engineers ready to support you with the advice you need to resolve any fixing or application problem you may have.

Semitubular rivets

Manufactured with single sided bore, which deforms and rivets.

Solid rivets

Also known as bump rivets, or solid aluminum rivets (soft or hard), these products are used in assemblies where greater rivet strength is required. They are used mainly in all kinds of bodywork, aluminum, stands, ladders, and scaffolding, etc.

Bifurcated rivets

Perforate soft materials such as wood, light metals, skin and fibers. The tips are nailed to the riveted materials and ensure a good grip.

Semi-tubular rivets with collar

On one end this product is semi-tubular (to be riveted), whilst on the other end - the collar - can be solid and act as an axis; or it can be threaded or, if necessary, they can be produced in a special shape tailored to your requirements.

Stepped rivets

The step section acts as a fixed axis and is used as a moving part in toys, lattices, hinges, etc. The stem is riveted to fix the base of the assembly, which can be solid, tubular, or semi-tubular.

Special rivets

They are manufactured under the specifications and customers´ needs.

Post rivets

This product is a two-piece assembly: the screw with external thread is inserted into the post with internal thread. They are made of aluminum and their design allows for use in folders, albums, and display cases, etc. We supply this product in sizes ranging from 6 to 100 mm.

Threaded rivets

These products are manufactured with different types of thread to achieve an optimum bond when inserted under pressure.

Slotted rivets

These products are produced with different types of grooves to achieve maximum bonding when inserted under pressure.


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